Flick Em Up

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As dawn breaks, you plant your spurs in the dirt outside the town bank. With a loaded gun in your holster, there’s only one question that needs answering: who are you fighting for? The Sheriff, who fights to protect all that’s good and pure? Or the Cooper Clan, who fight because it’s fun and profitable?

The game packs 4 languages :





• Simple, intuitive rules.

• Equal parts dexterity and strategy.

• Ten included scenarios offer a variety of ways to play.

• 12 figures

• 12 removable/reversible hats

• 10 cowboy tiles

• 6 buildings
• 1 gallows

• 72 tokens (dynamite, pistols, rifles,etc.)
• 36 wooden pieces (cactuses, barrels, etc.), and more…

Age 8+
Number of Players 2 - 10
Playing time 45 min

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